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An Easter Message

"Forgiveness: The Gift We Must Give and Receive"

by Jean Aaron, Life Coach

During this time each year I make it a point to recall this particular session that I had with a client several years ago. The message that this session left with me, always reminds me of the spirit of Easter weekend.

Good Friday, a day of tragic pain and sorrow. Great loss that will be imprinted in our hearts and minds for all of our life.

Then comes the Third Day! Resurrection! What we thought loss forever, we learn that not only was it not loss, it lives on and on forever more!

This is an exchange with a client from some years ago. I can remember even now, how I felt after I spoke those words. Free! Forgiven!!

My Notes From a Coaching Session:

MY Client: "Sometimes forgiving can be so so hard to do. I can say it and really really want to mean it... but in the end I know that I am not forgiving because I still have hurt and resentment. What more can I do?”

Me (with empathy): "One of the things that make true forgiveness a challenge is that we still have the memories. Remind yourself of this truth as you struggle with those memories: ‘I enjoy the freedom of my free will. I use it as I choose. Sometimes that choice hurts others. Likewise, I respect the free will of others. Sometimes their choice hurts me. I forgive, because I am forgiven.’

We can forgive, because we are forgiven! Have a wonderful weekend, Conscious Ones!

Ephesians 4:31-32

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