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Do You Manifest Your Dreams or Abort Them?

"So, Coach, What is an 'Instant Manifestation'?"

I often get downloads or instant knowing’s when I’m consulting or con-versing with a client. Some spiritualists would call it channeling; I prefer simply downloads because I haven’t quite put a title,

label or name on my higher self or higher power other than the simple ones like

my Father, Source, God, Devine, Creator, Universe. In any case, during a recent

session with a client we were discussing her ability or inability to manifest her

desires or the things that she desperately wanted for her life. She asked me,

“Jean, is there ever an instant manifestation? It seems to take so long to

manifest anything! Can we speed up the process?”

I’m not sure where I went, for it seemed to be a nice chunk of time, because I

came back to mind with such an elaborate and lengthy explanation. I’m sure the

response I shared came from some other source other than my limited mind.

This is what I answered her:

We always instantly manifest! But of course, we must realize that from

conception to birth is always a set time frame; but remember that time, of course,

is just an illusion! So, what we must or should come to realize, is that we too can

utilize that illusionary time frame to our manifestation advantage, whether it be 9

months for the birth of that baby or 9 weeks to get to that island dream vacation.

When we dream or want or ask for a thing… all we need do is, first, have a

serious intention for whatever our dream, wish or desire is and second (and

most important) hold that intention long enough to impregnate it with your

feelings and emotions! And finally, once the wish, desire, dream or want is

impregnated, we should move forward with joy and excitement that it is already

done and on its merry way to you - to have and to hold!

Most times we wish for something, maybe even impregnate it with our feelings

and emotions, and we immediately start thinking about it! But our mind sets in

with every possible reason it will not happen for us. We actually began aborting

our baby dream, wish, desire, want by worrying too much instead of being

excited too much!”

That was my response and again I’m sure it came from some other source than

my limited mind. Maybe it was Neville who visited our sessionthat day. I’m happy that I

recorded it… because I too needed to learn and see how I too at times… abort

my dreams with worry!

Keep your dream alive long enough to see it Manifest!!

Manifest Best,

Jean Aaron, WellBeing Coach aka The Conscious Creator (saya)

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