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The very first thing we need do is get a clear understanding and believe that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY Baby!! Then we can move on to the following Five (5) Simple Steps and manifest our beautiful life and fill it with beautiful things, people, situations and experiences!

#1 Know & Identify What you Do Not Want; Emotionally & Materially!

#2 Be very specific on What You Do Want; Emotionally & Materially!

#3 Get Rid of all Limiting Beliefs that you have regarding what “IT" is that you desire or want!

#4 Visualize your Desire manifested! Visualize with emotion and as many of your five senses that you can... See it, Feel it, Smell it, Taste & Hear it!!!

#5 Let go and surrender! Let go of what was! Surrender to what is. And trust the Universe to bring every singly bit of your manifestation right to the front door of your reality!

We start with the intention then we express in words and feeling what we do not want and then what we want. We may find in these first two steps we need to clarify, fine tune then re-clarify and be faultlessly certain that, No! I don’t want that! And YES!! This is absolutely what I want!

As we move on to step #3 getting rid of limiting beliefs, we just might find that we can not honestly identify what beliefs we might have that trips us up and keeps us separated from our intention and the very desires of our heart. Our true beliefs can sometimes hide themselves so deep within our sub-conscious and belief system that it is difficult for us on our own to find them, rid ourselves of them and replace them with beliefs that will empower us to actually get what we want. This step may require us to seek help from family, friends or professional help such as a life coach or counselor. Don’t let hidden limiting beliefs stop you from your dream. Seek help!

Visualization is that fun step! You simply use your imagination to create a picture of your desire. Using every one of your five senses is my special ingredient! See it! Feel it! Smell it! Taste it! Touch it! Use your creative imagination to bring your desire right into your minds eye. Go sit in that new car on the car lot. Smell the new car scent!. While in the shower, feel and imagine the mist of the ocean kiss your face, taste the salty sea water! Dream in vivid color every detail of your desire! Enjoy! Have fun!

And finally, let go to what was or wasn’t! Surrender to what is right in the NOW and finally Trust the Universe to conspire with you and you to manifest your dreams! Then wake up to receive and live your dream come true! Celebrate Your Manifestation!!

Simple! Yes! But, do they work every single time out of the gate. Let me be truthful with you, No! They do not. While they are simple and Yes they do work if applied as directed. Each step has its own challenges for each one us - and for almost each and every single manifestation we intend. Please feel free to contact the coaches @ Jean Aaron & Associate to help you with any challenges these simple steps present that you alone can not overcome. Do not allow challenges to overcome your ability and power to manifest your Dreams!

Manifest Best,

The Conscious creator 💖💖

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