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Free Will vs Predestination

Subtitle Warning: You ae entering a Train of Thought! Seat Belts may be needed. (Proceed forewarned)

Good Day Conscious Ones,

I seem to be in some seriously good company this morning. Do you recognize these two ancients?? Calvin and Arminius and their Great Debate? Well I don’t have such a big head... my brain would have trouble keeping up with these two.. BUT...

I Woke up this morning thinking about Predetermination, destiny and free will.. (Now don’t ask me why? It’s just the way my mind flows!). The thing I’m pondering about destiny, predetermination and Free will... Well, here they are! We have them and it is possible that we have or had a predestination or destiny long before we came here... But what I'm thinking is..... well, could it be that in the infinite wisdom of God/Creator/ Source/Father/ Universe ( you choose); well what I'm thinking here is well... ok not to sound too "new age".\, but could it be that God (by whatever name) have in the infinite wisdom that is only God's - could God have predetermined ANY and ALL of the infinite (I know it's hard to wrap your mind around that,, but try..)

Could God have predetermined all of the infinite choices we could or would possibly choose with our precious "Freewill"??

I mean just think. WHO could already have somewhere, in some infinite storehouse- out there in eternity...., WHO could have the infinite responses consequences , sequels to the infinite choices (conscious, deliberate or otherwise aka ‘ops my bads’) that we (also an infinite number of co-creators) would choose via our precious gift "our freewill"?

Not sure if any of this is making any sense. Sometimes it’s truly challenging for me to keep up with my train of thinking too! 😂😂😂 AnyWhoo...I'll just continue to ponder it a bit.

Please, feel free to comment, or add you ponder or wonder!😘



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