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Good Day Conscious Ones!

It is with grief and sadness of heart that I offer yet another apology for the delay in resuming The Conscious Creator’s Toolbox. I can only wonder and suspect that Father/Divine/Universe/Creator/ God/My Source has another mind and intention for me and TCCTB. For or as for me, I have been receiving many and much messages from Source over the past few months; and I'm eager to share! I have shared a few of them with Team Conscious Creators FB Conscious Ones; but I have saved and studied others for the TCCTB Sessions and for my opportunities to share a word with my Interfaith Truth Center family on the 4th Sundays.

And consequently during this same time, I have lost my younger sister and broke my ankle (not in that order). Therefore, I ask for your patience. prayers and your healing light as my family and myself grieve and mourn the loss of our sister, mother, wife, daughter and friend.

But, as I have said, Source has other intentions for me and TCCTB at this time. Divine timing is always and no matter how we try to work around it… well… it is what it is, so I rest and abide in this timing and look forward to resuming TCCTB on Thursday, July 21st, (strictly my own schedule, let’s see what schedule Source might have!).

Thanking each of you with love for your prayers, concerns, love and light for me and my family. Words and present time is not enough to express my love for you… each of you!

Manifest Best!


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