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January 2022 Cosmic Blog

by Quentin Johnson

This year of 2022 Mercury retrogrades will occur 4 times!(as if three isn't enough). Mercury begins its retrograde journey on March 14th in Aquarius. Then it will re-enter Capricorn on January 25-26 and going direct on February 3rd. They will all occur in Earth signs. That makes it even more interesting, like the universe is very directly telling us what needs to be our focus of 2022. To me, from a broader perspective, I would say this year is heavily going to emphasize focusing on our structure and foundation. It seems that this year will be more introspective as well. So somehow we will be needing to balance our inner focus (due to the retrogrades) and our outer and physical focus (all being in Earth signs). The caution in all Mercury Retrogrades is about internalizing prior to acting or reacting. We have to go against the grain of going and doing to being and existing. Mercury alters your judgements and perception. Literally casting an illusion over your eyes and hears. Listen to your gut by reflecting, contemplating, etc when something makes you think twice. Look at the fine print and do not sign contracts at this time if you can put it off.

The first part of Mercury retrograde will be in Aquarius. This is going to be a time when people start to reflect on and internalize their purpose in the greater humanity. We will be reflecting on broader themes. We may even reconsider some dreams and goals we wanted to reach that was thought to be long forgotten. For Aquarius, they will really be thinking about their own identity and individual expression more than others and more than usual. They will be reflecting on how to further define their unique qualities. The downside to Mercury retrograde being in Aquarius is that this can create a whole lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding amongst people. Any kind of group setting, events, gatherings, etc. are all at risk. Friendships and associates are also at risk.

In the later part of the month, Mercury will be back in Capricorn. People's communications and thought process will become more serious. We may be dealing with more authority-type figures. We may also be doing business communication as well at this time. Along with contemplating on our legacy and what we want to be known for or leave behind. Internally we will be reflecting on these topics at this time.

And finally Mercury retrograde will end on February 3rd. Do not be begin anything new for the duration of the retrograde.

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