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Monthly Cosmic Forecast: October 2021

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

From our Cosmic Advisor Quentin "Que" Johnson

In the month of October 2021 we will begin to see and get traction in our lives again!! We will have a desire to rush as the momentum picks up with so many planets coming out of retrograde. We must be mindful to not begin any new projects until after Mercury goes direct on October 18th. We will sense a stirring inside, like a shift that we cannot quite see. Until then, it is getting things in order that have been left undone whether it’s with people, projects, or etc..

We have a New Moon on October 6th in Libra. New moons are a great time to plan for something new to manifest. With Mercury currently retrograde, it’s best to focus that energy on projects you already have going on. This will be a powerful New Moon because Pluto is coming out of its retrograde phase the very same day. Pluto is about power and transformation, and we will slowly feel the powerful momentum build within us. Venus enters Sagittarius around the same time, lighting every aspect of our relationships and social lives. It has been heavy and intense with Venus having been in Scorpio. Venus does not like being in Scorpio who is a sign of extremes instead of balance. With Sagittarius we can expect a little more fun, joy, and expansion.

Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn all leave their retrograde phases in the second half of the month following a Full Moon in Aries! Talk about more intensity. This is positive and progressive energy. We can begin to move forward on our new projects with confidence. As the month ends, Mars will enter Scorpio. We will begin to have an intense and persistent drive, which is very much needed to manifest any projects we have into reality.

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