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... ron Speaks! February 8, 2022

Here Seth, in his rather revealing lesson, is combining elements of both the Nature of Personal Reality and The Unknown Reality, getting the message across, in part, that individuals are human and should freely express their "human-ness" and not to hold back due to "mis-combined" beliefs that stifle true creativity and expression of the soul.

Run as fast as you can from any belief system or any religion or any preacher or philosopher that impresses upon you that this and that is wrong, is a sin and you're going to hell unless you worship and adore their INVENTED God, for example. You are human, do NOT be afraid or ashamed of your so-called, "secrets," so express yourself, flaunt your creativity for it knows no bounds. It is not the 60s anymore. You are, indeed, OUT OF THE CLOSET in year 2022.

From: Jane's ESP Class Session for April 13, 1971.

Seth: "I have a book of secrets. In each life I had secrets. Now I have no secrets, but I will see to it that some of my favorite secrets are written down so that you may read them. Now your secrets leave me completely untouched since I was an illegitimate mother several times, and as a father I sired many that I did not know. Now that was in many of my youths. I was quite a pious old

man and woman in many of those lives and completely forgot or justified the errors in course of my youth. And this is why your secret did not bother me either, for I know that each of you have been both male and female and that you simply adapt those characteristics that suit you most at the time."

Ronald H. Card is a guest blogger and a passionate student of The Seth University.

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