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When humanity has finally reached its saturation point and can no longer tolerate a world sprinkled with dictators and self-aggrandizing ego MANiacle manipulators of society and of information, like, for example, oppressive governments and mind-deadening religions, and comes to the united conclusion and the realization that humanity creates its own reality, both on an individual basis, and collectively, en masse, done so according to its beliefs, its intents, its expectations, its attitudes and desires, all taken into account. Humanity, then, has finally WOKEN up and people will click together, forging ahead with a brave, new world based upon a mutually beneficial and fulfilling future. An exciting future that treats everyone, regardless of any circumstance, as full equals and partners in the CO-creation of reality. United, the people of earth can accomplish anything put to mind. Thus, "Renaissance Two," the emerging, "Shift in Consciousness," which has been in the works for some time now, thanks to cyber technology and social media, like Facebook, will blossom and flourish and the earth will be welcomed by the stars.

BLog Message by Ronald H. Card on Facebook, April 25, 2022.

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