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by Ronald H. Card

Now, When the student is ready the teacher appears. When the teacher is ready the student appears.

Those who can learn and also choose to teach.

Gained knowledge and wisdom seeks to be shared, must be shared. It does no good to harbor knowledge and wisdom strictly within one's self.

Knowledge and wisdom yearns to be re-taught in yet new, future times and in new places, to new faces. The newly attained so-called, masters, or speakers, and the sage, profound returning masters of the ages, so to speak, seek new students, newbies, apprentices who are ready to learn more and who will voluntarily go forward, go forth, in the next generation filled with spiritually hungry people and begin teaching, but under different guises and different personas within those different times and places.

Speakers will teach, among many things, lost and forgotten and pushed-aside information, cutting through the centuries of distortion and manipulation of passed events and happenings that went down way back when, that is, that what came down to you from so-called, official channels, like religion, was edited and revised and translated many, many times to the point of resulting in near incoherent gibberish.

Speakers will teach the true meaning and purpose of life on earth, and such revealing and revolutionary information is and will be passed down to those fresh, hunger minds and hearts who are open-minded and who are seeking new informatio

n while shedding ancient myths and legends, parables, and allegorical stories that had their purpose back in their day, but no longer apply in today's brave, new world of inquiry and exploration.

Speakers will open and expand minds to new ideas and concepts that are purpose-designed to work in today's modern times, not carry-overs from outdated, obsolete and archaic mush-mash.

We are in the throes of a new, approaching era in spiritual development that I will term, Renaissance Two, The Shift in Consciousness, that today's very young generation is open to understanding, and that is another story.

Understand that true spirituality has nothing necessarily to do with established, organized, fundamental religion, namely Christianity..

Thank you to our guest Blogger Ronald H. Card, Conscious C0-creator, Photographer, Author and Lover/Promoter of Seth House & Seth Speaks. Visit his FaceBook Page at

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