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Separate, Yes! But We Are One!

"It is a baffling mystery to me that in order for us to understand who, what and Whose we really are that we must experience separateness... And in that separateness we learn some of the most crushing and devasting as well as the most beautiful and breathtaking truths about ourselves. We learn fear and love and we learn what it means to live in light and live in darkness. We learn the deepest saddness and the the joyest of happiness. And if we are lucky, we learn bliss and do all that we can to avoid the opposite!

Ain't Life Grand!?! OhYES! Indeed it is!! But.. Life can also be quite unimpressive and in order for us to know, understand and appreciate the differences we must separate. However, We Truly Are One! Strange!!!

The Conscious Creator💖🙏🏾

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