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Spiritual Awakening: A Lonely Journey Into Self

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Spiritual Awakening is everyone's call home, the Call back to Source! It is a journey that we, our divine self, will find sometimes in eternity. Whether we choose or not, it is a journey that we all must and will answer and experience!

10 symptoms that you may be the onset of spiritual awakening

1. Awareness of Personal Patterns

2. Feeling Connected to Your Surroundings

3. Loss of Desire for Self-Definitions

4. A Desire for Inner Peace

5. Increased Sense of Intuition

6. Awareness to Universal Signs

7. Craving Isolation

8. Death is not As Scary

9. Growth in Self-Confidence

10. Higher Level of Overall Wellness

Join us each Thursday, on @ 7 PM during the month of September 2021 to gain more understanding of these symptoms in preparation of your journey and destiny!

Manifest Best,

The Consious Creator💖

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