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Team Conscious Creators Blog April 2022


by Jean Aaron, Life & Accoutability Coach

“I love creating, manifesting and sharing in dreams that come true!”

One of the first questions that I ask my coaching clients is: "Why do you want to change?"

I've listen to and have read many different answers and responses to my question. The one answer/response that resonates with my heart is this one: "I just want to be the person that I was created to be.”

This particular and precise answer is like a sign from Father, Source, Divine, letting me know that I am indeed on my Damascus Road. And I’ve encountered one who is to travel with me for a ways on our journey together..

As the client and I travel together on the journey of change, I do my best to portray myself as a partner or another sojourner. I allow the client to set the pace; even to set the routes or pathways. The work that I do is not really work at all. What I do is simply tag along with the client on his/her pathway of discovery or Life’s Journey. For the truth is - the work is already done.

What we are simply doing is discovering who what and Whose we are as we travel, what the client may call, the Change.. But what it is in truth, is our Life’s Journey! We are both, client and myself, becoming aware of who what and Whose we are. We share in that discovery and together we learn to embrace and to enjoy each and every creation and manifestation of our journey.

My desire, goal and purpose for coaching are one and the same… to play my role in the discovery of who, what and Whose we are. We are One created in the image of Creation and formed of the same stuff of Creation. We can be, have and do what our Creator can be, have and do. Nothing is restricted or limited to us. All restrictions and limits are our own making by what we believe or not believe. We are creators, co-creating with Creation! We discover and practice who, what and Whose we are with each and every creation and manifestation! We cannot not create.. We Are Creators!

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