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What Are You Telling Yourself About Yourself?

By JeanAaron, TCc💖

Throughout each and every day, you are affirming something. These affirmations are mostly about you, yourself. When you stop and pay attention to your thoughts and inner conversation, it is not much different than when you are speaking out to others. Most all of the thoughts and inner talk begin with that personal pronoun “I” or “I am…”. What goes after that pronoun is an affirmation. What is it that you are saying and listening to that is all about you? What are you telling yourself about yourself?

Are you affirming your highest self, your highest good, and inviting

your greatest potential to unfold in your life? Or are you affirming limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and fears that could be hampering your success, reducing your wealth, and preventing you from enjoying the relationships and friendships you desire? Everything we speak, in words just thoughts, are either positive or negative. What you speak and think, do not go unnoticed. Even if you are not truly attentive and aware of what you are saying or thinking, it is heard and received by some part of you. Sadly, and very unfortunately, it may not be your conscious mind that hears your inner words and thoughts, your sub-conscious and/or your un-consciousness hears it loud and clear; not missing one syllable or ignoring one iota of feelings that may be attached to the thoughts or words. Think about that for a bit and then tell me… What are you telling yourself about yourself that you just may not be attentive to nor conscious and aware that you indeed are speaking and thinking.

By consciously and intentionally identifying your needs, creating powerful affirmations, and - more importantly - putting these affirmations into practice, you invite your greatest desires to be fulfilled. Simply said, be consciously aware of your inner talk and your thoughts. Know what you are saying and thinking to and with yourself. Whether you know it or are fully aware of it, You are always your best guest and best companion at all times! You listen with your conscious awareness or you default the conversation to your sub-conscious! In either case, you converse with yourself always and you hear what you are saying and thinking about You!

Check in with your words and your thoughts and even your feelings throughout your day to bring awareness and to discover what you are affirming to yourself about you! This communication and these affirmations are what you are telling yourself about yourself!

For more information or instructions on how to Check-in With YourSelf,

reach out to me via our chat on or

email me directly @ Live Well! Manifest Best! February 15, 2022

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