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The Conscious Creators aka Life Mechanic

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

By Ronald H. Card, Quest Blogger

You are a "Life Mechanic," complete with all the necessary tools to "tweak" your life for a fulfilling reality creation.

Your innate tool box contains your "bag of tricks" so to speak, that is, all the psychic tools necessary in creating and maintaining your personal reality creation and your overall well being, and when you go "on the inner," you instantly thrust open that tool box - bag of tricks and select the appropriate tool for the job. The main tool is your ability to create your own reality according to your beliefs, think of it as Seth's adjustable wrench. -- ron.

"Thank you Ronald H. Card, Guest Blogger for another spin or perspective on our powers, abilities, toolbox, or bag of tricks that we inherit as a creator created in the image and out of the same stuff that Creator/Creation is made. We know who what and Whose we are!. Much thanks '...ron'!" Jean Aaron, TCc💖

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