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The Conscious Creators Blog March 2022

Let’s March Into Now

Yes! Let’s March Right Into Now! March is a good a month as any to begin to take on the biggest thief of all habits... Postponing aka Procrastination aka ..... I think you get the idea here. Last month, we looked at Habits - what they are - the good and the bad. We looked at what they do for us, to us, with and without us. We looked at how we develop, make or manifest habits into our lives and reality. We took a good look at habits in general, some habits we talked about and looked at specifically.

So Now! It's March! We have entered into this 2022 time illusion; reflected and reviewed our past briefly, revised and renewed our plans for our future so it is NOW! Time to resume our journey! No more postponing, no more procrastinating. It's Now! Let's Do This! And let's consider this our brand new habit and let's give it a name! We can borrow the name from Nike's “Just Do It”; or from Ella Fitzgerald's love song 'Let's Do It…’. There was also that WWII mantra 'We Can Do it'! So, it's not a new name, but for us ‘Let’s Do This’ will be our mantra as we create and manifest our Best Habit for 2022 and beyond!

During the month of 2022, I will share the process and progress of the making, the creating the manifestation of this new habit Let's Do This’! We will undo those old habits called procrastination, postponing, stuck, later, tomorrow, etc. But first, let us quickly recall the four steps to forming a habit. The process of building a habit can be divided into four simple steps: cue, craving, response, and reward. What is it that you have been putting off, postponing or procrastinating doing? What would you like to tackle, get done and off your ‘to do’ list now!? Recall it, Recognize it. Name it! And start today, now! Manifesting a new new habit. Let us embrace whatever yours ‘this’ is. And, remember, by consciously deciding that "I will do__________, Now!” You can set the intention by filling in the blank with whatever your ‘This’ is. You set the intention to transform your habit from procrastination to Let's Do This!

Today is the New Moon in Pisces and is a very good day to set and start this new intention and new habit called 'Let's Do This’. Feel free to message me personally, if you have problems with the process or your progress. You may also want to share how it is going by posting or commenting on the Team Conscious Creators FaceBook Group page

Once you have set your intention and began your March, simply be present, in every moment and in the now. Be mindful of the process as well as your progress of the forming of your new Best Habit that we will all call ‘Let's Do This’!

Follow us on FaceBook for updates, suggestions, motivations and inspirations to help and guide us as we March into Now and make and manifest our Best Habit. Let’s Do This! Live Well. Manifest Best!

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