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Tolerance: First Cousin to Love

Anybody who knows me is likely well aware of how I tend to over use the word Love. They just might say or be thinking, “Yeah, Jean is always talking about love love love. Let her tell it, she loves everything and everybody!” I guess it makes them wonder how do I get to there... Well, glad you ask.

As children we were taught that it was a command, demanded of us to love one another and others, whether we wanted to or not. Of course that was a puzzle for us as children so my parents started us off with baby steps. We started with a long word called “tolerance”. Whenever we would have our children spats and fights and use the words “I hate you!!”to one another, we would have one of our Love Lessons, also known as “Well, let’s just see how long you can tolerate each other”. We were forced to spend timeout together. First.. with our backs to each other and when we could turn our chairs around to face each other and come up with a reason to tell our mom and or our grandmother that we can love each other and that we do not hate one another, we were allowed to leave timeout. It had to be a good reason and not the same one we used the last timeout... I would tell you some of the reasons we came up with (together, mind you) but I wouldn’t want you to cheat next time you’re faced with trying to figure how to love that person who pissed you off to hate! Trust me, you can and will come up with a reason to at least try to love one another.

Anyway, I’ve decided that “TOLERANCE”, first cousin to LOVE, would be a great topic or should I say a great creative ability that can be our focus for The Conscious Creators Toolbox for the month of May. I just learned that November is International Tolerance month... We’ll just get a jump on it and be ready come November 2020.

Mark your Calendars for 7pm, Thursday Nights in May 2020... Conscious Creators Toolbox!!

Happy Manifesting conscious ones!


The Conscious Creator💖💕

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