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Why Do The Teachings of Neville Goddard Resonate So Much With You?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

This is an interesting question. I stumbled onto Neville's work more than 20 years ago and I instantly, upon reading that first work/lecture/book, felt an unusual magnetism to him. I read, read and studied and studied his works and was moved to believe in almost all that I read and understood of his thousands of lectures, books, essays, etc.

About three years ago, I too was in Barbados. Something called my heart, soul, spirit and finally body there to that beautiful island, Neville called home. The moment I set foot on the tarmac at the airport... tears flowed from me uncontrollably... I felt the oddest sense and feeling of being home. I was there for 10 lovely days. Although it was my first visit to Barbados, and knew not a single soul upon arriving, during the entire 10 days,every single place I went to and visited I was received as if I had come home to friends and family. I met no strangers and I have so many new friends from that visit.

I also had an opportunity to go to Neville's gravesite. It too, was a remarkable encounter.

I've shared a live video with friends back here at home and every now and then I review that video. I know that as I sat there at Neville gravesite, I had come home to Barbados. It is a wonderful memory of a beautiful homecoming. We share the same spirit that is in Neville. His spirit is very much and truly alive in me!

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