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"You Can Not Destroy What You Can Not Create!"

By ...ron Speaks aka Ronald H. Card

The ESP class discussion here revolved around energy and the use of energy, which is neutral, energy exists, the God Energy exists as does the "You" and "I" energy exists. Simply put, God is the energy force - source from which all existence springs.

The misuse of energy ( and knowledge, for that matter) can be widely labeled, evil, but that is merely the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, as energy is limited at our generally elementary stage of development and we do not have access, we are not given access, to greater levels of energy, unlimited energy, that we are not ready to handle. We may think that we destroy, but, in actually, we do not destroy anything and we are learning here on School House Earth to handle the level of energy we do have access to for positive benefit.

I recall in a meeting in 1962, my space friend told me that knowledge and wisdom both uplift and restrict at the same time, meaning once a person truly realizes, acknowledges, that killing is a violation of natural law, then they have truly learned and uplifted their consciousness, and the thought of killing no longer exists for them and they move ahead in terms of spiritual development...even though that person may have killed in their past.

Seth: "[...] You may think you misuse it, but you are not allowed to misuse it. You are not allowed to destroy. [...] If you kill, and believe that you kill, you will bear those consequences at this level of your development, but to think that you can destroy a consciousness would make the gods laugh. You cannot destroy one flower seed, much less a man. [...]"

From: ECS2 ESP Class Session, December 29, 1970.

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