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How Do We Experience The Self

In a recent coach session with a client, I was presented with this question: ‘How does one get to truly know and experience the self?’.  

The question immediately halted me,  As I sat caught in my thoughts which must have been an unusually long moment, my client went on to say, with a wide smile across her face; “Is that a question for another series of sessions? 


I laughed because I was caught in my train of thoughts, asking myself,  ‘Which self does she mean?  And is it ‘know’ self or ‘experience’ self’?  Or is it both?’.

I came out of my thoughts and responded; “Unfortunately, we experience our self through the illusion of separateness and through the reflections of our self through others. But, let me warn you!  Be careful and be prepared! You won’t always like or even believe what you see in that mirror reflecting back to us.”

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Jean Aaron, Life Accountability Coach, TCc✨💖

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