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What's Blocking Your Manifestations?

Team Conscious Creators ToolBox & Life Coach Jean Aaron  will sponsor and hosts a free ‘Manifestation Workshop’  to help participants identify what may be blocking their manifestation and keeping them from reaching their goals. 


This one hour limited participants interactive workshop will focus on 1)identifying participant's individual manifestation blockages and 2) providing and demonstrating manifestation techniques that will help overcome, and in some cases, eliminate the particular manifestation blockages!

In order to accommodate interactive participation, please note there are only 10 seats available in this unique workshop.  Participants are required to pre-register and will be provided a brief quiz to complete and return in order to confirm registration and to participate.   

If you are interested in being one of 10 participants in this unique manifestation workshop, use the Zoom Link below to register and to receive a copy of the What’s Blocking Your Manifestations Quiz. You must register to attend this workshop!

Manifest Best!!

For more information about Team Conscious Creators ToolBox or questions about this workshop, contact us via email

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