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...ron Speaks... February 2022

by Ronald H. Card

This is 2022,The New Age of Discovery is upon us! You do not need a permission slip from anyone in order to nightly grab an imaginary class desk in Seth University Dream Campus; furthermore, you do not need permission to speak your mind and thoughts, many are listening. Use the oracle within as the path. You were born with the innate ability to create your own reality, it is your "gift of the gods."

Now who exists in Seth University, Dream Campus and where is it? Actually, it exists everywhere, the vibration pervades all existence and it is a part of you, you have just to show up and walk through the door, so to speak, and you are greeted by members of the We Are Seth "family" faculty who present the Seth material curriculum, carefully organized for your benefit and set into language you easily understand. Jane's Seth One and Two ARE that family.

All the teachers in Seth University, Dream Campus are individual no-name energy essence personalities who wear clever masks and have their own accents, for it is the message that is paramount, and not so much the particular teacher, you understand, and each teacher is different in their approach to the material and their teaching technique, which is their interpretation of the ever-expanding compendium of ALL THAT IS, and their knowledge-base is derived from accessing their infinite lifetimes of experience putting them in a unique position to offer you sage and profound enlightenment. Believe me, they well know what works and what does not work for they sport the physical and psychological scars and bruises to show for it.

The teacher's job is to take the student through levels of spiritual progress and evolution whereupon they arrive at the door to their own inner beings, which thrusts open, and the teacher introduces the student to themselves, their vast, inner being, their wellspring of knowledge and wisdom, and from that point on, the student graduates and is on their own, finding their own answers and their own way because they have shed the so-called, training wheels of life necessary on the School House Earth field/plane of existence, and individual require no more "crutches," like religion, for example. Those who can learn can also teach.

Ronald H. Card is a guest blogger and a passionate student of The Seth University.

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